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Why Thailand is Becoming a Top Destination for Medical Tourism

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Why Thailand is Becoming a Top Destination for Medical Tourism

An increasing number of individuals are scheduling a Thailand trip for medical procedures and treatments. In October 2019, the World Health and Safety Index ranked Thailand as the sixth safest country out of 195 nations. Additionally, the John Hopkins University Research Report named Thailand an excellent place for medical tourism. Last year, more than four million people visited Thailand for healthcare services—topping other global destinations for medical tourists. As a result of the pandemic in 2020, Thailand’s tourism industry came to a standstill. However, after the Thai government lifted the ban on international flights on July 1, 2021, and allowed medical passengers to enter the country, demand for travel medicine to Thailand immediately surged. In just a few days, Thailand received registration applications from 34 countries and more than 1700 passengers.

“6 Reasons why many tourists choose Thailand for Medical Tourism”

There are several reasons why Thailand is becoming such a popular destination for medical tourism.


The first reason is that medical care in Thailand is frequently less expensive than that found in other developed countries, it is an affordable alternative for those seeking high-quality care. And appointments aren’t scheduled months or years in advance—in some cases, you can see a specialist on the same day of your arrival.

Quality of treatment

Another reason is that Thai hospitals are some of the best in Asia, offering world-class facilities and services. Thai doctors are well trained and experienced, with access to state-of-the-art equipment. Many Thai doctors and physicians have British and US medical degrees, and they treat patients with great professionalism and care.


Western accreditation is seen as a significant factor when patients look to receive medical treatment outside their home country, and one of the main reasons why many tourists want to go to Thailand is because it offers this. In Bangkok, Vejthani and Samitivej hospitals were among the first in Southeast Asia to receive the United States Joint Commission International (JCI) certification – an accolade that is considered the gold standard for healthcare providers globally. Today, there are more than 10 JCI-accredited hospitals in Bangkok for medical tourists to choose from. The Phyathai Hospitals Group, for example, has a world-class healthcare system and staff who can provide care in 22 different languages. This makes it simple for foreign patients to get the treatment they need without having to worry about language difficulties.


Thailand also has a non-immigrant visa for medical treatment, which makes it easy for international visitors to come to the country for their treatments.

Tourist Attraction

Because Thailand is such a popular tourist destination, it’s easy to combine your medical procedure with a relaxing vacation.


Thailand also started promoting medical tourism in 2004 with comprehensive marketing that highlights many of the most popular treatments available, including cancer treatment, dermatology, and cosmetic surgery, as well as lists of reputed hospitals, making it easy for potential visitors to decide on a procedure.

So if you’re considering medical tourism, Thailand is definitely worth considering. With its high quality of care, affordable prices, and convenient location, Thailand is one of the best places in the world for medical tourism.

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